Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visiting The Vise! Top Secret Midge

  Well I didn't name this one, and I don't think it is very top secret due to the fact I saw it on a fly fishing website. Yet it looks like it could be a very effective emerger pattern before a hatch or mid day when the fish are looking up. I tied this up as it was a recommendation for Colorado streams, but I could see this being very effective in the driftless area as well.

Materials List:

Hook: size 16-26 2x short 2x wide gap nymph hook (pictured is size 18)

Thread: denier olive color, you could also do red or black

Wire: Small Gold

Wing: White CDC feather

Head: I used an olive squirrel dubbing, but a fine cut antron dubbing is suggested

This Video on The Top Secret Midge is brought to you by The Catch And The Hatch


  1. So small....... midges....ughhhhhhh! Keep us posted on the results, does it catch fish?

    1. Indeed small, actually small enough to make you go blind while trying to Should hopefully be effective when I use it out west. I am going to try and give it a go in the driftless as well.