Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rod Building Progress Continued

  The past week or so I have been posting some photos of my rod building that I have been doing. The 4pcs. 4wt. 9' rod is almost complete. It is currently in the rod dryer with the 2nd coat of thread finish on it. The full dry time is 24 hours. In the mean time I have managed to get the old glass rod rewrapped and a coat of finish on it. What a difference it has made. The rod used to look old and beat up and now it looks as new as can be, but still has hints of being vintage.
The improved Glass rod. New  cork grip, new titanium guides(grayish in color for an older look), and new red thread.
I left the reel seat and old ferrules on to keep a little more vintage look to the rod. 

The old glass rod before being stripped down. Notice the electric tape handle, and the brittle  thread wraps.

  Here is a shot of the new 4pcs. 4 wt. in the rod dryer. I wrapped all the guides with a metallic blue tread, so it really pops of the black slate finished blank.

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