I am an avid outdoorsmen in search of that next big thrill when it comes to hunting and fishing. I started my journey at the ripe age of 6. I was first introduced to fishing by my father. After I set the hook on that first fish it was all downhill from there. I chase as many species as possible with all types of gear. I spin, troll, fly, jig, boat, and wade fish. Any way possible to get the edge on the finned fish I am chasing I will do to get to that next monster fish.                     
   In the past few years I have gotten heavy into the fly fishing for as many species as possible. I believe it is due to the fact that it is so challenging. Along with this came fly tying, and soon to come rod building. The challenge of making your bait, and gear, and actually accomplishing the feat of tricking and hooking into a fish and landing  it with something you crafted with your own 2 hands is a task.    

Also in the past few years I have had the pleasure of taking to the woods in the pursuit of whitetail deer. This is a challenge in its self, but I have come to love the long sits in the woods watching the sun rise and set. Watching the wild come to life as the sun breaks on the horizon is a magical thing. I love talking hunting with others for all species pursued.

Grab a chair and follow along with my pursuit in the outdoors world. 
I also enjoy camping, outdoor photography, and getting the youth involved in the outdoors.


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