Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visiting The Vise! Barrs Bouface Streamer

  I tied up 2 different sizes with 2 different style heads to throw around. Typically the dubbing behind the head is black, but I substituted for a little more flash. I used a Peacock Ice Dub. The streamer is made up of two of the more popular streamer materials used in fly tying, marabou and rabbit strips.

Hook: Size 4-12 Streamer hooks 3-6x long

Lead: .025 about 10-12 wraps behind the bead

Bead: Gold, Nickel, Or Black bead or cone

Tail and Body: Rabbit Strip and Marabou Black

Thorax: Peacock Ice dub or Black Dubbing

Flash: 2-4 Pcs. Of Silver Flashabou

Thread: Black 3/0

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