Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Raging Rock River

  Last night I took a drive down to Oregon,IL. Driving down Highway 2 along the Rock River was an unbelievable sight. Where islands once stood in the middle of the river are now trees trunks popping out of the water. Houses where surrounded by water, and may have even had the river running through there living rooms. I believe I even saw a boat that had drifted down stream and was hung up on what used to be an island. The boat launch parking lot in Byron was now a lake that was at least a foot deep. I snapped a few photos of the chaos on my phone, and they are not the best quality but they should give you an idea of the wrath of the great flood of 2013.

  Hopefully the water recedes back to normal sooner than later, and folks can go back to there homes and sift through the tragic damage. Hopefully fisherman can start to get back on the water in search of that next trophy fish.

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