Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Colorado Day 2

  Day 2 was a little more eventful than day 1. The temps warmed up a bit more, breaking the 40 degree mark. Which meant melt off and a little more hunger in the fish. We loaded up the truck and left Winter Park by 8:30 a.m. First destination was the Parshall hole again, and it was a great first stop. We landed 5 fish in the first 3 hours of fishing which was spectacular compared to the day before.

 Size 20 hooks where key to catching fish. Red and Black zebra midges did the trick along with the red mercury midge . The fish where not to friendly to any hook bigger than a 20 it seemed. It also didn't really matter what type of bead head was on the midge either. We caught them with crystal, red, black, gold, and no beadhead at all. If it resembled a midge they would eat it. We fished the hole till about noon and then went for a long hike up to the confluence of the Colorado and Williams Fork. We started fishing a section of the Williams fork, but found no fish, not even spooking one. We worked our way back down into the Colorado River looking for deep pools that where holding fish. Low and behold we stumbled upon a honey hole where we saw some fairly large fish rising to Blue Winged Olives.

 The fish where rising to the right and slightly in front of the rock sticking out of the water. They where hanging in the slow water really close to the seam of fast water. They where snatching bugs as they would come to the surface. We saw what was going on and quickly casted toward the rising fish. As soon as the fly would get in front of there face they would strike instantly. 

 This was indeed the type of whole we wanted to stumble upon. Scott's Brown measured 18 1/2" ans his rainbow came in at 16". I caught the split tail brown that looks like he had been attacked at some point in his life, and the big fish of the week was the last pic of me and my 20" Brown. He slammed my black zebra midge and ran for the hills but ended up forfeiting to my 4 wt. rod. We caught 8 fish total out of the hole making for a great ending to a great day. Low and behold this hole turns into a gold mine by the end of the week. Fish count is now set at Scott-9 Brian-7 . I got behind from the start making the old guy feel good about himself and having a lot to talk about, but that will all change by the end of the week. 

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