Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fresh Goodies for the Vise

  Received a shipment last night of some fresh fly tying goodies. After much contemplation and me being a cheap ass I finally sprung some cash for a new vise. I purchased the Griffin Odyssey Spider. I haven't tied on it as of yet, but did get it put together last night. So far it is looking like it will be a solid investment. I have retired the old hand me down vise that have been using for the past 3 years and I am finally moving up the ladder. The functionality of the vise seems pretty simplistic and all the working parts seem to be of quality. I will post more after I get some use out of it. Also included in my package was some multi-colored Zonker Strips. I am excited to start tying up a few different colors of bunny leaches for smallmouth and pike fishing. I will post some after I get them whipped up on the new vise.


  1. Looking forward to what you tie up! I can never get sick of looking at fresh tied flies. I'm addicted to the ones I see on instagram. Some of them are works of art, and I wish I had the skill to tie them.

  2. I love looking at all kinds of different fly patterns. The more you tie the better you become is what I have learned