Saturday, April 6, 2013

Colorado Day 4 The Epic Finale

    After the struggles I had on day 3 I came into day 4 with a ton of rest and ready to catch a lot of fish. It was that feeling you get sometimes while heading to water just knowing in the back of your mind that it was going to be a good day.

  I had thought about my week the night before while laying in bed, wondering what I was doing wrong this whole time. I compared my rig to Scott's rig as I laid there. They where almost exact to the "T". Except for one thing, split shot. We had been fishing deep holes all week, and I don't think I was getting down to where the fish actually where. It hit my like a ton of bricks, and made me feel like the newbie fisherman I once was. On the drive out to the river on day 4 we stopped at a little bait and tackle shop in the town of Gradby. We had stopped there earlier in the week so I could grab a fishing license. I purchased some fly weights and a couple flies known as "The 20 Incher". The 20 incher is a stonefly pattern. The temps where predicted to be warm on day 4 which meant melt off ,which also meant more stonefly activity.

  We arrived to the Parshall hole right around 8:30a.m. I rigged my rod up at the truck tying on the 20 incher followed by a red zebra midge, and a black zebra midge. I thought this rig would be perfect and I had the winning ticket tied on to catch a lot of fish. Also I added a number 4 shot about a foot and a half in front of my first fly. I walked down to the hole and slowly waded out working my rig closer and closer to where the fish had been hanging out all week. BAM! Fish on! I shouted to Scott with a grin on my face. I hooked the first fish of the day.

 A nice healthy brown! I told myself I had it, and today was going to be my best day yet. We fished on through the morning, and all I had after the first fish was one hook up that had gotten off before getting to my net. Scott was still empty handed as well. The thought of a killer day became a pipe dream really quick it had seemed. I was frustrated to say the least, along with my fishing buddy Scott. By 11 a.m. I mentioned to Scott that we needed a change of scenery, and I thought the hole was beat from the weeks worth of anglers that had fished it. He agreed, and it was time to move on.

 We made the long trek back to the new honey hole again, which is probably what we should have done in the beginning of the day. While walking threw the slushy snow I had started to think about the local gentleman that had caught numerous fish the day before right in front of me. I told myself I needed to get into the same spot he was and repeat his actions.

  In the pics above you can see we where standing on top of a submerged boulder. Casting into the seam as there was some fast water to the right and a really deep slow moving pool to the left in front of the rock that sticks out of the water. There where a bunch of large boulders in this deep hole where the fish would sit and watch the food trickle by in the faster water.

  I eased in the water to this spot hoping the day was going to get better. To my surprise it did indeed get better. No more than 4 drifts along this seam I hooked into a nice Brown.

 This guy was full of color and had some defined spots from head to tail. I was getting that fishy feeling again. Three more casts and BAM!

 You can imagine the grin that was on my face now. My good friend was starting to feel like he was doing something wrong now, as he watched me catch fish after fish. At one point an older gentleman walked up by us with his granddaughter and asked if we where doing any good. I responded by catching three fish before he moved on. He asked what flies where hot, and I gave him the inside scoop. The stonefly pattterns caught half our fish, and the zebra midges caught the other half no matter the color. I continued fishing and catching.

 We fished on throughout the early evening leaving by 5:30p.m. It was an amazing day for me to say the least. I caught and landed 14 fish to my friend Scott's 7. I also had quite a few hook ups that landed short of my net. It was an incredible day and week on the water with a good friend. Fish totals for the week Scott-20  Brian- 23 .

  On the drive back to the cabin we where staying in we reflected on the spectacular week of fishing, scenery, and times shared. It was an amazing trip, and plans have already been made for next year. I can't wait to make it back to the wonderful fisheries that Colorado has to offer.
                                The drive back every day after fishing almost leaves you speechless.

  If you are ever interested in staying in the Winter Park area I highly recommend renting out the place we stayed. It is referred to as Snow Dream. Nestled away in the pines with all the luxuries you could ask for while on vacation.

 It has a ton of wildlife running around as well. In the above picture the resident fox named trixie can be seen. I did see trixie a few times while at Snow Dream. There is also Moose and Deer in the area as well. For more info on Snow Dream follow this link  .  You will be blown away by this place which is available for renting year round. It sits in the town of Fraser which is right next to Winter Park. The Fraser River is just down the street and is loaded with trout as well. During the winter most of the Fraser is iced up though. The Colorado River is a short drive away, and the Blue River is about an hour away in Dillon and Silverthorne. All gold metal waters for fishing big trout.

 I hope you all enjoyed the journey I had out west as much as I did!


  1. Really nice report...Colorado is pretty hard to beat for a flyfishing destination trip. Living right next door in Kansas it's been an annual trip for the last few years and has yet to dissapoint on any level. Not sure where or when , but I plan on being "Rocky Mountain High" again this year at some point!

    1. Thanks High Plains. Colorado is a magnificent place, and the trout fishing is spectacular. I am jealous you are closer to it than I, but then again I could see myself going into the poor house with all the weekend trips I would try to make.