Thursday, April 4, 2013

Colorado Day 3

 Day 3 started out in a slight blur to me. I think maybe it was the gin and tonics, and the rum and cokes possibly. Either way we got up a little earlier than the day before due to the fact it seemed the fish where biting early in the day and later in the afternoon which would be typical for warmer weather. If it meant catching more fish, than I was all about it.

  First stop of the day was the tried and true Parshall hole. We started tossing the normal size 20 midges as they had been the best producers thus far. I started off the day with a nice healthy first fish taking my red bead headed midge.

 Notice I used the rod I built, and I must say it performed extremely well and received a ton of use. Shortly after Scott had landed a decent fish in which I didn't get a pic of due to the squirmyness of the fish. The Parshall hole seemed slow compared to the previous few days.

  After about an hour or so of fishing, a local showed up that we had talked to the day before in the parking lot. We chatted and pretty much fished together most of the day. He only ended up catching a small brown in the hole as well before moving on. Note that we made the mistake of telling this gentleman where we slammed the big fish the day before when we met in the parking lot.

 Shortly after the local moved up stream, Scott and myself decided to go back to the big fish hole from the day before, as that was our game plan from our morning drive conversation. So we started the trek back across the snow covered meadow.

 The spot was pretty much straight back where the uncovered hilltop sits in the picture above. It was a dreadful hike in the melting snow, but well worth it in our minds to get to the bigger and hungrier fish. Shortly after we arrived at the hole, we realized we made a mistake sharing a little info the day before with the local guy, as he was standing right in our spot fishing the very hole we came to fish. He noticed us coming through the trees and greeted us with a "hello again". He invited us in to the water to share the hole that we directed him to. He mentioned he had already caught one 15" Brown before our arrival. We thanked him for letting us squeeze in and started fishing. I think the situation might have come out a lot different if it happened here in the Midwest, but I can defiantly say Colorado folk are more than nice than your average Midwest Joe.

  For some reason, today just wasn't my day. I struggled to get a good cast and drift, and just became all out frustrated with myself. Hence the statement above about the drinks consumed the night before. I had miss casts, caught up in rocks, tangled in trees on back casts, and even hooked myself on a poor back cast right in the cheek. Laugh it up at my expense feel free because shortly after I did it I laughed as well. Some how in all the chaos I did however manage to hook another fish before the end of the day.

  In the midst off all my chaos Scott proceeded to land 3 fish, and with my frustrations and reties I did not get pictures of his fish. At the same time the local was putting on a clinic in front of us, catching a fish every other cast as he made it seem. He was catching a majority of his fish on an olive RS-2. He caught a few really nice rainbows with one stretching over the 20" mark for sure. I watched this gentleman fish for a bit, and took some mental notes. These mental notes will play a crucial role in my last day of fishing on day 4. 

 Fish count is now Scott-13 Brian-9 . Stayed tuned for day 4 because the fish count numbers are going to sky rocket. Also the morale of the story is to take it easy on the drinks the night before an outing.


  1. Nice brown. I'd die there. Too cold.

  2. Thanks Kevin! It wasn't to bad. Dec. and Jan. are the worst months.