Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visiting The Vise! The UV Sparkle Midge Emerger

  This week I received some pretty exciting news. I am going to knock one off the bucket list and head to Colorado the end of March for a fly fishing excursion. In light of these plans I decided I should get to tying some flies for the cool clean Colorado waters. I started doing some research on common and best fly patterns to use out west. I came across an interesting site geared toward the fine Colorado fisheries. I cam across The Catch And The Hatch  . This site provides great inside lines on what, where, when, how info, including great fly patterns with recipes and all. So last night I decided to pull up a chair and start getting a head start at filling the boxes with some Colorado fly goodness. The first fly I started to tie was the UV Sparkle Midge Emerger. Pretty simple tie, but very tiny hooks.

 I am also going to tie a few up in Green as well, as recommended. It is a basic thread body and head with a fine wire rib, and some rainbow flash as the wings. These are tied on a size 18 2x short 2x wide gap hook. Here is the recipe per The Catch And The Hatch.

Hook Type:Tiemco 2457 or 2487
Hook Size:#16-26
Wing:Krystal Flash
Thread Type:8/0 Uni Thread or 70 Denier
Thread Color:Any
Wire:Extra Small-Small Any Color
Dubbing:Ultra Fine – Match to Thread or Just Use Thread Color

Here is a quick how to video by The Catch And The Hatch. UV Midge  how to tie

 I have a feeling this pattern would work well in any trout waters, and I know I will be giving it a shot in the Driftless this year.

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