Monday, February 25, 2013

Visiting The Vise! Tying The Ray Charles Scud

  Last Spring I saw this pattern over at Trouterspace . I was interested in it to say the least, as we all know that scuds are excellent in the early trout season of the driftless area. I purchased the materials needed to tie this one, but was consumed in fishing and never got around to tying them up. This past Sunday I awoke to my cup of joe and decided it was time to put some time in on the vise.

After sitting down and going through some materials I found the ostrich herl  that I purchased for tying up the ray charles pattern. I figured why not, Scuds are key during the early season, so I got to tying a few up. Here is a photo of one of twelve that I tied yesterday.

 They came out great! You can actually vary the color of the herl to get a few different colors in the box. Yesterday I only had white. Here is the recipe for the Ray Charles.

Hook: 16-20 nymph

Thread: Red 6/0 or 8/0

Wire: Small or Med. Silver, I substituted for green

Body: Ostrich Herl

Shell Back: One Strand Flashabou

Here is a short time lapse video that Trouterspace threw together on tying this pattern.

Give it a Tie!

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