Monday, May 13, 2013

Crappie, Bass, And The Angry Geese

  Mother's day morning I was able to let the wife sleep in, and let myself make a quick sneak down to the lake. I wanted to get out Saturday but due to what seemed like gale forced winds, I was kept off the lake. Sunday morning was no better. It was still windy blowing 15-20mph coming out of the North and the temps where riding around 34 degrees. Either way I was itching for some fishing.

  I launched the boat around 6 a.m. and headed to the south end of Candlewick Lake (my home lake). On the South end is the dam as this is a man made lake. The dam end is loaded with Rocks, gravel, and smaller boulders which is an excellent spawning bed playground for fish. I started off fishing the hot lure for me last year which was a small twister tail jig. Pitching it up to shore and bouncing it down the rocky ledge. I hooked up right away with several crappies.

  While fishing on this end of the lake I noticed a ton of geese that seemed distraught protecting there nests so I snapped a couple of pics.

  After watching the wild goose chase for a bit, I decided to switch rods and grab my bait casting stick. I had rigged it up with a 5/8 oz. stand up football jig tipped with a uncle josh's pork trailer. This was also a hot combo for bass last year. I started pitching this up into the rocks and jigging it back. After 3 casts I hooked up, but then soon got off. Pitched it right back up there again and second cast I hooked up again and landed a nice little 13" Bass.

  Shortly after this I decided to head to a finger toward the North end of the lake.  I came up empty handed here unfortunately, but saw something that was quite amusing. As I came into the finger I heard the screech of some geese, but could not see them anywhere on the ground. As I went past a large willow tree I saw the 2 geese in a very peculiar location.

 It was 7:30 a.m. by this time and these two didn't stop quacking the whole time I was in the area. I felt bad for the folks living in that house. The constant quacking first thing in the morning outside of my bedroom window would drive me to load up the old shotgun.

 It was great to just get out on the water for a morning bite. The fish caught where just an added bonus. Hopefully I will be able to get out the next few days and get a couple more fish to the boat.


  1. Brian
    Those are some nice crappie and the curly tail jig you were using is awesome. I have landed a lot of fish using that little jewel. Have you tried it with a spinner? Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I have tried the spinners. They work awesome when the water gets stirred and dirty. I love twister tails. They attract some many species of fish which makes it a fun fishing experience.